Hey, I'm Prannoy and this is my new site!

Hey, I'm Prannoy and this is my new site!
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Let me tell you a bit about why this exists. To kick things off:

On prannoy.com, we explore how tech and culture trends change the way we educate and entertain society so that we can build better solutions for future generations.

What is the content going to be about?

As we progress through our human story, education and entertainment will become increasingly indistinguishable from each other. What started off as lessons learned via a sage's voice while sitting underneath a banyan tree has evolved (or devolved?) towards multi-dimensional media being served on an always-on, vast digital world that is accessible at the effortless swipe of a fingertip. Technology will continuously transform how we consume information and venture to improve our species. What I am most interested in is how we will leverage new innovations in business and technology to affect how we learn, create, and consume all of this information. In starting this site, I aim to pursue this exploration through multiple lenses:

  1. Trend lines and Predictions. Based on current trends in technology and investment into education and media, there are certain likely truths that have yet to be realized in the present moment. What new technologies will accelerate further evolutions in learning and/or entertainment?  What implications do these innovations have, both positive and negative?
  2. The Players and the Tools. The systems and stakeholders involved will also be very important here: entrepreneurs, big tech, school districts, teachers, investors, and so on. What is a snapshot of the present moment? What new things are being done and how should we interpret them?
  3. Lessons in Entrepreneurship. I have a lot to process from my first startup experience and will likely continue to discover lessons I learned in building a startup from 0 to 1. How do we imagine building in the learning and entertainment spaces effectively? What factors to consider when deciding to build something? What tools can founders tap into to be effective and inspirational leaders?

In writing about any of the above topics, I will include the latest research, expert perspectives, and emerging examples from industry to outline a nuanced perspective on what the future might hold.

Who am I?

I am currently a product leader in the media technology industry. On the side, I mentor and angel invest in startups in the education, media, and consumer spaces. My work will always be at the intersection of technology, learning, and entertainment and I am forever curious about how people learn, earn, and create to benefit themselves and those around them.

In the past, I also founded and sold an ed-tech startup (more on that in a later post), taught middle school math in Baltimore, earned graduate degrees in both Education and Management, and consulted for schools across K12 and higher education. I've written about trends in education, emerging technologies, and approaches to building ed-tech products out of my own professional experiences and intellectual curiosity.

After spending the past ten years at the intersection of education, technology, and media as a student, teacher, consultant, entrepreneur, product manager, and investor, I hope my writing offers a distinct voice into the ongoing dialogues regarding the future of learning and media.

Who are you?

You will potentially enjoy reading about the topics I write about if you identify with any of the following roles:

Entrepreneur, startup investor, teacher, education researcher, technologist, sociologist, anthropologist, philosopher, futurist.

I'm excited to get this started and meet new folks who are interested in riffing on all these topics together. To follow along, feel free to hit subscribe. To get in touch directly, read on below.

Get in Touch

I want to help people building products and services, investing in startups, or leveling up their career in education, creator, media spaces. If there is a way for me to help you beyond the content I write, feel free to reach out:

🐦 Twitter - If you've got a short question or message, tweet @prannoy or DM me.

📨 Email - If it's a longer thing, or you don't want it to be a public tweet, please email me (hi@prannoy.com).